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Author Topic: 200sx Commercials  (Read 4938 times)

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200sx Commercials
« on: 05:57:02 AM / 06-Jun-09 »
Just saw these and thought I would make ONE post with all of them rather then searching for them all the time lol

You like those clear corners? didn't see that before
"Give me a turbo and I come alive"

Major Motion Turbo S12 Commercial.

Gazelle commercial in Japanese

FJ20ET S12 Commercial in Japanese

Gazelle Turbo commercial in Japanese

1983 Silvia RS-X Commercial in Japanese

Nissan Pulsar and 200sx, with old ladies!

300zx Turbo + Turbo Gazelle commercial

Multiple Nissan Cars from 88.
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200sx Commercials
« Reply #1 on: 06:19:17 AM / 06-Jun-09 »
I kinda feel this should be stickied and updated when/if those videos get moved.