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Author Topic: The Teleporting Garage  (Read 4291 times)

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The Teleporting Garage
« Reply #20 on: 09:45:02 AM / 26-Jul-09 »
the only part of that piping i messed with was on the air filter side. that's also where the MAF is, right? i don't know what it looks like. i'll try to get that clamp down. i drove the car all over town last night and it felt great. the engine should be cold right now so i'll try starting it in a minute to see what happens.

questions: the intake pipe is rock solid. shouldn't i be able to bend it however i want? is it because the rubber/whatever is so old? if i were to get a new filter, what would i do about making my own route for the piping?
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Offline a tin pan alley

The Teleporting Garage
« Reply #21 on: 10:26:15 PM / 26-Jul-09 »
2nd cold engine start went MUCH better than the first. running very smooth.

can anyone answer some or all of my questions in the previous post? thanks.

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The Teleporting Garage
« Reply #22 on: 05:21:33 PM / 27-Jul-09 »

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The Teleporting Garage
« Reply #23 on: 07:57:54 PM / 27-Jul-09 »
Quote from: a tin pan alley

Are you talking about the metal part that goes from the Throttle body and then down next to the A/C area? That isn't going to move period, you could replace it but I don't think its going to flow much more anyways with a stock throttle body on there. If you're talking about that plastic slinky like hose that comes off the metal that should be maneuverable but I just let my shit hang with a cone filter where the stock box used to be, that should not be brittle.
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The Teleporting Garage
« Reply #24 on: 11:38:49 PM / 27-Jul-09 »
for the plastic part that hooks to the airbox (SEs have that right?), ya it should move some but being so old many have gotten hard and/or brittle.  best bet is alum piping to replace it.  Dont remember if its autozone or CSK that has the "Spectre" DIY custom intake kit.  One of em does.  Its a cheap kit but it works for what most of us need.  Other members have used it.  Comes with a filter and a small assortment of piping and couplers.  Check it out
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The Teleporting Garage
« Reply #25 on: 12:25:07 AM / 28-Jul-09 »
it's vatozone that has'em atleast here they do...

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The Teleporting Garage
« Reply #26 on: 01:40:02 AM / 28-Jul-09 »
yeah Spectre products are shit. I wish APC hadn't gone bust from their lawsuit.
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