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Author Topic: 1987 200sx Project Dd  (Read 1361 times)

Offline Plinko

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1987 200sx Project Dd
« on: 08:36:49 AM / 20-Aug-09 »
I had to drive a couple hours to get this car. But I really needed a daily driver and ended up getting the car for 750, running and driving. Drove it back and the transformation started.

This is how the car sat when I got it.

Old muffler, lol

Put my S13 rims on it

Found and SE at pull a part and did a five lug conversion and lowered it some.

Got some S14 SE rims for it. and this is how it sits now.

Right now it is in the middle of a KA24DE swap. I will soon have some pictures of that to update the post. I also have an 1987 notch that is stripped out, with an SR20 that is going in it, but that is more of a long term project.

Thanks to anyone that looks at the post.

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Offline Kustamogen

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1987 200sx Project Dd
« Reply #1 on: 11:37:54 AM / 20-Aug-09 »
yay for whitey s12's!!!  

Offline a tin pan alley

1987 200sx Project Dd
« Reply #2 on: 12:12:44 PM / 20-Aug-09 »
you're doing a swap on a daily driver? for this reason, i could understand swapping a VG for a KA. but still.. you're crazy. i'd keep that VG.

edit: nevermind. it must be an XE, not an SE. 4 lug plus you're swapping a KA. i always assume all mk2s are SEs. bad habit.
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Offline Drft-s12

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1987 200sx Project Dd
« Reply #3 on: 01:24:42 PM / 20-Aug-09 »
I love the look....nice build cant wait to see more

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1987 200sx Project Dd
« Reply #4 on: 02:32:05 AM / 21-Aug-09 »
dang, looking clean! nice project!

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