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Author Topic: Starter Removal  (Read 7536 times)

Offline Thatmint200

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Re: Starter Removal
« Reply #20 on: 07:31:01 PM / 10-May-19 »
The reduction ones allow for a quicker start yes? with less power draw?
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Re: Starter Removal
« Reply #21 on: 04:22:19 PM / 23-Jul-19 »
The reduction ones allow for a quicker start yes? with less power draw?

As I understand it, yes.

As luck would have it, that starter I replaced last November has failed on me. At least the solenoid failed so I ordered a replacement under the warranty. When it arrived I determined just to swat solenoids for an easier job but it turns out both starters must have been from a different production run because the solenoid mounting point didn't quite line up with each other. So I had to swap the whole starter again and found myself struggling to get one of the bolts to bite. My replacement starter has only 1 mount hole that's threaded, that meant a trip to the hardware store for a longer bolt and a nut to secure it.

It's always something.

It seems this replacement, also a reduction starter, has the teeth cut on the gear a little bit less like blender so it doesn't make any grinding noise like the OP in this thread complained about. My flywheel and I are both happy about that.