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Author Topic: Stiff Springs But Stock Height.  (Read 1014 times)

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Stiff Springs But Stock Height.
« on: 04:07:51 PM / 18-Nov-09 »
Hey guys.  I have an 85 turbo 200.  Im doing my rear suspension right now and I want to run this across you guys.  I'm planning on using Mod Mastaz idea.( )

 A 3inch adjustable coil spring spacer, as well as a 5 X ?? spring.  Im going to go with 1200 lb springs. but im not sure what length.  I dont want to go any lower, I would like stock height but retardedly stiff.   I'm thinking 9.5" length.   Any ideas?  

With the car in the air, the stock spring is 15" if I remember properly.

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