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Author Topic: Satisfaction  (Read 4462 times)

Offline Bryan Peters

« on: 11:36:51 PM / 06-Jan-10 »
are you satisfied with your sr20det?
is it a good engine swap?
and to install it was it a headach?

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Offline David B

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« Reply #1 on: 11:40:16 PM / 06-Jan-10 »
i beleive installing a sr20det in a 4 cylinder s12 should be as simple as a ka swap.
minus some i/c fabbing

and versus a ca20e i beleive anyone would be satisfied. well. depending on yhe circumstances

wait a second. why am i contributing to one of these threads about sr's vs ka's and other motors. god dammit

« Last Edit: 11:41:37 PM / 06-Jan-10 by David B »

caged ca20e/ka24e/sr20det/ka24de/1jzgte SRA hatch. super sick

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Offline Xano

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« Reply #2 on: 11:48:31 PM / 06-Jan-10 »
Search, and dont post this in the Site Feedback section.