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Author Topic: Aka-d's Sleeper Notch  (Read 1206 times)

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Aka-d's Sleeper Notch
« on: 09:23:36 PM / 24-Feb-10 »

Thought it was about time to start a garage thread. Bought my 84 notch in September of 2009. The plan was to swap in a KA24DE+T and have a boost monster. After more research found out my rear diff will only handle about 285lbs of torque, so plans have changed. I came across a KA24E out of a 1990 240sx for only 90 bucks and I had to pick it up. The engine has a bad rod bearing but I planned on rebuilding and turboing the beast. But reality set in and I started to research parts for a N/A KA24E (Sucks having a budget!!!!!!).

Before I bought the car I found and it's the only reason I bought it. Must give thanks to all the members, all the modders and all the tuners of these forums.

So... here is the master plan:

*Engine & Transmission:
-Need a new oil pan.
-Minimal machine work; Crank needs machine work, rod(s) need machined and hone the cylinders.
-Trying to get my hands on some stock '89 pistons, 9.1:1 compression ratio instead of the 8.6:1.
-Minimal machine work on the heads; stainless steel valves, OJS Performance Camshaft, Aluminum Cam Gear.
Cam Gear:
-New water pump, tensioner and timing chain; since its already taken apart.
-AEM Short Ram intake.
-Stainless steel headers:
-Going to have Bud's Muffler of Denver build the exhaust; 2.5" piping, cat and muffler.
-Slightly upgraded clutch:
-Light weight crank pulley:
-Replacing every gasket, seal and o-ring.
Overhaul Gasket Kit:
-Replacing all vacuum lines & hoses.

Front 240sx suspension:
-Lower Control Arms
-Tension Rods & Brackets
-Hubs & Knuckles
-Tie Rod Ends
-Replace wheel bearings
-Front Calipers & Mounting Brackets
-Stabilizer Bar
-Full Polyeuthane Bushing Kit
-Struts & Megan Racing Lowering Springs

-3rd Gen Camaro Shocks.
-Any bushings I can find.
-Megan Racing Lower Springs from 240sx.

That is the plan to start. After I get this all put together I'll start getting rid of all the rust, try to get the manual roll down window / doors, would like a turbo hood, might put in a CD player and some better speakers, but for now I'm just trying to get the CA20E out of my engine bay! I'm trying to get into some autocross a.s.a.p!

Current project:
Wiring battery to the trunk!

Parts in need (aka wishlist!)
-KA24E ECU (Manual Tranny)
-KA24E Wiring Harness
-S14 Tension Rod Brackets
-240sx front seats
-240sx Rack & Pinion
-S13 Front Driveshaft
-KA24E Transmission

Please check my for sale thread, will trade for the above parts:

That's all for now, will ad pics soon, any input is greatly appreciated! Tell me what you guys think!

Link to photobucket pics of the car & parts, more to come!

Edit: Added links~
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