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Author Topic: Power To Manual Rack "how-to"  (Read 16191 times)

Offline Jordan

Re: Power To Manual Rack "how-to"
« Reply #20 on: 03:58:02 PM / 15-Aug-11 »
This is tempting. I either have to relplace my rack or just convert it to manual... would the wife still be able to crank the wheel? I had a manual rack in my 92 Toyota pickup and it wasn't bad at all.


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Offline seishuku

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Re: Power To Manual Rack "how-to"
« Reply #21 on: 07:45:50 PM / 15-Aug-11 »
My wife complains about it, but gets used to it. Just tell her to man up! :P
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Offline Shark808

Re: Power To Manual Rack "how-to"
« Reply #22 on: 11:08:10 PM / 15-Aug-11 »
Keep tires rolling during parking.  Parallel parking may be a little grueling for her, but watch out she could develop a grip that puckers.  Dad's '69 Z/28 w/o PS used to lift my ass out of the seat while parallel parking, but the road feel was well worth it!
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Offline BattleFairy

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Re: Power To Manual Rack "how-to"
« Reply #23 on: 01:45:16 PM / 28-Nov-11 »
*digging out the corpses*

so how does it drive with a converted Rack?

and why is this shit not in the howto section?
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Offline sanchez12

Re: Power To Manual Rack "how-to"
« Reply #24 on: 10:09:26 PM / 05-Apr-13 »
hi im new to this site. I have a 84 Datsun 200sx and im trying to do this power to manual rack conversion but I don't know how to take off the end to take out the shaft. how did you do it?