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Author Topic: Sr20det Swap  (Read 3234 times)

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Sr20det Swap
« Reply #20 on: 12:32:25 AM / 20-Apr-10 »
Quote from: benn
hello i have almost 10,000 for my swap. but anything to look forward to i have read that it is more or less bolt in. but what about the transmission could i use it or not? i have a KA trans swaped in it right now so i might just have to swap the bellhousing again?

You asked about the KA trans....

Quote from: Arro
OK, a KA (or ANY trans in an S13 or S14) is not a direct swap for an S12 trans. That's fact, no debates. However, many of us have swapped to a KA or SR and an S13/S14 trans, but it required modifications to make it work. Those modifications are documented on this site if you look for them, but the trans is NOT a straight swap-through.

...and I answered you.

Quote from: benn
Ok well apparently i am not going to get the awnser to my question...

Really? Are you serious?

Look. I know you're not pleased that most of us basically found it distasteful that you want to pay lots of money to have someone else build your engine, and that some of us launched into a discussion about KA's worthiness, and SR impracticalities. But I did answer your question pretty clearly.

If you wanted to ask additionally what we thought was the best route to build the "ultimate" SR20DET.... you're in the wrong place. Most people here aren't interested in building the "ultimate" anything... S12's are cheap cars, and so most of us want cheap, quick engine swaps. More power is great, but very few of us are building a beast of a car. Those that are, are doing so with more exotic engines than the SR.

The people who build crazy-powerful SR20DET's are on,,, etc... those sites where the super-mondo drift S13's and S14's are at. Where guys throw literally $50K at a car sometimes. Not here. It's not only that most of us don't look favorably on paying someone to build everything... it's that just by owning an S12, it's usually an acknowledgment to the self that we have certain realistic and practical goals in mind.

So don't get offended... I answered your KA trans question, and we just aren't that focused on building ultimate SR's for S12 chassis, to compete with buddies running S13's and S14's with stupid-tons of money thrown at their SR-powered cars.

I hope this clarifies things. Since I already answered your question.
-Jason Arro

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Sr20det Swap
« Reply #21 on: 11:03:04 PM / 28-May-10 »
I am sorry. i have lost my liscene so i had to pay a shit ton. But i have a blacktop SR20det. What do i have to modify on the car to fit the motor i hear the motor mounts bolt in but anything that i will have to do to the trans, by the way i am gonna try this on my own.

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Sr20det Swap
« Reply #22 on: 11:08:42 PM / 28-May-10 »
benn, I'm in Victoria as well. PM'ed.

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Sr20det Swap
« Reply #23 on: 11:20:29 PM / 28-May-10 »
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