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Author Topic: Power Steering Bracket  (Read 3994 times)

Offline Drft-s12

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Power Steering Bracket
« on: 04:52:38 PM / 08-Jul-10 »
I was wondering if anyone knows which bracket is similar to the Fj20 one???? LIke Ca18, KA24,Sr20, etc.......

When i got the motor it had everything but the shop that put the motor in trashed it......So i want to put pwr steering. i drove with no pwr steering so i know what its like, so i dont need comments that who needs pwr steering.....Its more of a preference thing now and comfort as well.....


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Offline VEGIE

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Power Steering Bracket
« Reply #1 on: 03:00:06 AM / 13-Jul-10 »
i dont think theres anything common to the FJ ones unfortunately.

the pump/reservoir and lines all go to the drivers side of the engine, unlike the ca's which all go to the passengers side.

oh, i guess thats back to front for you USA boys! fj is mounted front right side.
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