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Author Topic: Almost Time  (Read 1365 times)

Offline silverS-1286

Almost Time
« on: 06:40:08 PM / 11-Jul-10 »
So i am now a lil less then a month away from my build!! Im WAY past ready to do this. Im going from the ca20 to a ca18det. Its gonna be clean as hell. In the process of all this im gonna replace the carpet with a darker grey and then new dash and stuff. Any body know anything about reupholstering seats. I need to do my front and back seats but i dont know were to start. Im a fairly good learner so i think i could pick it up. I wanna start the seats soon and the carpet cause i want it to be done at the same time.
 The Ca20 has been good to me. i beat the hell out of it, and it still gose on and on so i will start soon and keep posted. If some one can help me with the seat thing i would like it alot thanks

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