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Author Topic: S12 Rear "dohc Turbo Rs-x" Decals  (Read 10366 times)

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Re: S12 Rear "dohc Turbo Rs-x" Decals
« Reply #40 on: 09:16:21 PM / 15-Sep-10 »
Isn't it wrong to put a RS-X decal on a hatch?
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Re: S12 Rear "dohc Turbo Rs-x" Decals
« Reply #41 on: 06:55:01 AM / 16-Sep-10 »
not according to FAST... there were RS-X hatches... if i select HB as opposed to K(coupe), RS and RS-x trims are still there along with CA18DET and FJ20ET as engine choices. and like 7 other trim levels...
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Re: S12 Rear "dohc Turbo Rs-x" Decals
« Reply #42 on: 08:36:22 AM / 18-Sep-10 »
Both of my diecast cars are hatches and they have the whole rsx decal set on them....

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