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Author Topic: Qr25de  (Read 12611 times)

Offline fyneyoungstunna

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Re: Qr25de
« Reply #40 on: 01:09:34 PM / 11-Jan-11 »
^ your right on the junkyard thing. Ive been cruising the sentra forums for a while hoping to snag one. Im putting in a ka for now till i find one. But, as soon a i find a qr and everything lines up (finances and such) im giving the qr project a full green light.
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Re: Qr25de
« Reply #41 on: 11:45:20 AM / 26-Apr-11 »
Good work broski dont let these fools change ur mind. I think its awesome ur doin qr instead of ka or sr its time some one tried another nissan i4
imagine a ka and a vg as women. I prefer the one that had less hands on it. The ka is a loose prostitute that every one and their brother knows lol.
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i heard if you put sand in your gas tank the ultra fine particles clean out your fuel injectors

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