FEATURE: Hot-doggin' - Friday, August 20, 2010

Started by Arro, 12:57:36 AM / 13-Sep-10

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Feature #3:

Hot-doggin' - Friday, August 20, 2010

Dennis loves himself a clean '84 notch, with some drift action and street sexiness.
-Jason Arro

'85 Nissan 200SX (KA24DE)
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'85 Nissan 200SX Turbo
Drive it like you stole it, and work on it like you married it - self quote
Quote from: ka-t.orgHella flush and all associates should be gunned down for brainwashing people into thinking a 225 and lots of camber is proper wheel fitment. THAT IS EASY, anyone can camber a skinny as tire till it dosnt rub. Now fitting an 11 with a 315 on stock fender with reasonable camber, that is fitment. And looks, and performs better than both.
Quote from: s-chassis_only on 07:43:21 PM / 25-Sep-10 i dont own a s12 at the moment but trying to acquire one to get rid of my s13 hatch
Quote from: SHOUTBOX[27:54] zastaba: I had a friend touch the contacts on his distributer once
[28:04] zastaba: He did the super jumping up and down pain dance