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Author Topic: FJ20E N/A Distributor problem  (Read 4370 times)

Offline itsomania

FJ20E N/A Distributor problem
« on: 02:24:45 PM / 17-Sep-10 »
Hi there guys I have come to a problem with the N/A dizzy and since it is mechanical there is a vacuum regulator and I have no idea at what degrees I have to set it up because when I removed it from the car the vacuum wasn't working at all. Now I have cleaned it and repaired the vacuum regulator but now I haave  few questions first one:

At what degrees I must set up the distributor before TDC to give spark and how should the internals should be aligned

here is a picture of the distributor:

So when I first opened it the two teeth on both sides of the rotor were not moving at all and were fixed in a little bit different they were at exactly 90 degrees according to the sensor above the rotor. I hope you have understood me.

And this is the vacuum regulator fully opened

My question here is what degrees should the advance be and how much the teeth on both sides of the rotor should move because you can adjust it with the screw on the end of the vacuum regulator.

Hope I was clear what I exactly need.

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