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Author Topic: Oil cooler "adapter" to replace the stock fj watercooler  (Read 4024 times)

Offline Dochka

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Hi, I bought a engine oil cooler from a datsun 280zx and fitted it to my s12, but i couldn't find the adapter that fits to the engine where the oil filter sits, so anyone can help me with which adapter i can go, i.e which another one will fit...

Post Merge: 12:03:44 PM / 29-Sep-10
Problem solved, i found a small adapter that has 2 holes and a screw, so it can fit to the oil pressure "sensor" and to the engine and one hole left to screw in to the oil cooler line, the second line (return) will make it to the sump via the original distributor as i removed it and will weld it....
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