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Author Topic: '86 s12 ka24de build  (Read 8042 times)

Offline ka-tgazelle

Re: '86 s12 ka24de build
« Reply #40 on: 08:51:28 PM / 27-Feb-11 »
I have a stock internal ka regasketed new headgasket non oem its a 5 layer i think i know its metal. Nis-tuned ecu. RUnning s14 intake manifold, 248/248 cam setup  ca18det turbo running sr injectors and sr fpr. Motors been like that for 2 years in a s13..... Still hasnt poped. And its under 100k miles..... A ka wont pop you know how many ka-t have been on the road for more than a few years... I know a ka-t thats been on the road for  years running a gt3076r.
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Offline BoostedVG

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Re: '86 s12 ka24de build
« Reply #41 on: 09:37:08 PM / 27-Feb-11 »
The ka is a very stout motor even in stock form. Boost it and have fun! good luck with the project and fock nay sayers.

Anyone interested in turbocharging their vg? Shoot me a PM. Buck Ofama

Offline mrjacobwho

Re: '86 s12 ka24de build
« Reply #42 on: 01:15:02 PM / 28-Feb-11 »
Thanks guys! Goos deal. She finally started!! It ran for about 3 seconds and shut off. Hah but thats ok.. It's still not finished. I just wanted to say it started. Haha

Finished the vacuum lines, finished that coolant line, and finished that coil plug. Yay!!

Offline mrjacobwho

Re: '86 s12 ka24de build
« Reply #43 on: 08:02:14 AM / 07-Jun-11 »
This is probably one of the longest swaps in history. I've just been working my but off to save up some cash. I picked up a muffler for the guy who's gonna weld on my exhaust. It's a flowmaster 40. bahaha it's definitely going to sound interesting..... After the muffler,  i'm adding a resonator to eliminate a little the growl, make it sound a little less stupid, to say the least. Haha the full exhaust should be done this weekend, leaving me the next weekend or 2 to take it to a shop to finish up whatever it is that I have missed. I've had backyard mechanics offer to take a look at it, but i'm not letting a crackhead touch my baby. Hah whenever it's running, i'll be sure to post a video. This may be one of the cleanest stock s12s out there. :) not bragging, of course.. More soon to come!