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Author Topic: Sr swap doubts......  (Read 2381 times)

Offline driftgorilla

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Sr swap doubts......
« on: 03:30:18 AM / 07-Dec-10 »
So I have a 88' notch with the ca20e 5 speed, cut springs,welded diff, it's not the solid axle....its basically my little drifter. Now I'm almost done building my sr...I'm just waiting on pistons, oh i gotta pick up my head as well and whatever else im missing if you notice anything hahah. I have a sr trans, ecu, full wiring harness, fuel lines etc...Do i have to swap in a s13 diff for this swap if not can my diff take the power from my sr? will my s12 driveshaft fit in the sr trans? Ive also heard of using the ka tranny because its better? would anybody give me a rough break down of what steps i should follow etc to get this in how to etc...I couldnt find any good descriptions in the vehicle build ups section Thanks for all your help...these s12's are new to me

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Offline Redneck

Re: Sr swap doubts......
« Reply #1 on: 04:23:32 AM / 07-Dec-10 »
Do i have to swap in a s13 diff for this swap if not can my diff take the power from my sr?

The r180 should probably be ok for a stockish sr20det but if you have to you can just swap to the r200 down the road. The s13 diff housing will not swap in from what I understand as it is a short nose design. You have to source an r200 long nose from a ca18et or vg30e s12.

will my s12 driveshaft fit in the sr trans?

You have to get the s13 front half of driveshaft then connect it to the s12 rear driveshaft. You can probably bellhousing swap as well which should eliminate having to mess with the drive shaft all together. This is the route I took when I swapped to the ka-de. There are pro's and con's to both.

Ive also heard of using the ka tranny because its better?

No. The sr20 and ka24 transmissions are the same.
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Re: Sr swap doubts......
« Reply #2 on: 07:57:53 AM / 07-Dec-10 »
"apparently" sr trans' are "beefier". ive never confirmed this. ive never broken one. but my drifter guy friend breaks at least one an event LOL.

r180's are good for like 300whp i thought? i could be super tired right now. i have a r200 in my sr car.

i have a swapped bellhousing's. i guess we'll find out how much power it holds, im hoping for 400+ to the wheels. at my shitty alititude lol.

use sterlings KA swap guide on here for the wiring.
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Offline driftgorilla

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Re: Sr swap doubts......
« Reply #3 on: 09:55:54 PM / 07-Dec-10 »
how much do the r200 diffs run?

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Re: Sr swap doubts......
« Reply #4 on: 03:10:12 AM / 12-Jun-11 »
it largely depends where your getting it from. you can probably pick one off the boneyard for like 100+- bux. just be sure its from a 18ET, VG, or Z31 300ZX. all Z31s came with R200s and Turbo Z31s came with LSDs

but theres MANY more options since your not SRA. Subaru R160, R180, and R200s are also identical and most come with LSDs and even shorter gears(STi's came with LSD and 4.5? gears) and you can even get these off eBay for under 300. i would gladly pay 300bux for a diff off a 2000ish car rather and an old worn out one from the TRON era :P
just some food for your thought :)
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Re: Sr swap doubts......
« Reply #5 on: 03:39:06 AM / 12-Jun-11 »
Matts pushing well into the 300 range on his R180.

It's welded. You'll be fine

SR = KA trans. Zero difference. We've covered this and shown the parts diagrams with the same parts numbers.

No matter what, you'll need a driveshaft.

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Re: Sr swap doubts......
« Reply #6 on: 12:17:42 PM / 12-Jun-11 »
Its not the diff you have to worry about its the axles they are the weak point on the r180 iggy blew through 2 axles I believe before he swapped to the r200 and that was from drifting so if your gonnna be drifting it I highly reccommend swapping to the r200 if not then you should be fine