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Author Topic: For Sale Thread Titles  (Read 4020 times)

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For Sale Thread Titles
« on: 08:44:38 PM / 29-Feb-12 »
This is just a reminder, because I'm hearing from some of the mods that people aren't doing this like they should, and I looked and saw it myself.

You MUST post a location and name in your WTS thread title, and the location MUST be in brackets [ and ] at the start of the post, not ( ), not {}.  A price is a post requirement, but not in the title, though it is suggested that you include it in the title.

The title must look like the following:
Main International Posts: [Country-Location In Country] Item For Sale ($50)
ALT1 International Posts: [Country] Item For Sale ($50)
ALT2 International Posts: [Country-Postal Code] Item For Sale ($50)
U.S. Posts (Replace CA with your state): [IA] Item For Sale ($50)
ALT U.S. Posts for people in larger states: [CA-South] Item For Sale ($50)

If your post is NOT in this format, it is the moderators discretion whether to delete the post, rename the post, or lock the post.  I am personally a fan of deleting the post entirely, and sending a PM.  We have had these rules for years now.  Keep in mind, we do this so that your item can be seen by potential buyers EASIER and purchased FASTER. 

Let me know if you have questions.

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Re: For Sale Thread Titles
« Reply #1 on: 04:36:12 AM / 01-Mar-12 »
I'm motioning that the price in the thread title be exempt for the parts threads, as most have multiple parts. If there is a single one, sure. But for threads with more than one, it's kinda pointless.

But for the cars for sale, absolutely. Saves people having to hunt a price down.

Also, if you got a PM from me with the title "Deleted Posting" solely with a link to this very thread, You now understand why. Either you didn't do the brackets right or you didn't post any price. If you didn't do either then don't make that mistake again.


If you bump a F/S Thread that hasn't had a response in more than 90 days. I'm going to delete it. and send you a PM with a link to this in it too.
I would highly suggest that you PM the person if it's old.
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Re: For Sale Thread Titles
« Reply #2 on: 12:41:11 AM / 13-Mar-12 »
Price is required... NOW, we have always been lenient with postings where there are lots of little parts or where a car is being parted out, but leniency is not the rule, it's our discretion.

If you post items, just assume that the price is required by the rules. Even if you post a bunch of items... for whatever items you list, a price or price w/ "obo" needs to accompany them.
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