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Author Topic: buying an FJ?  (Read 13101 times)

Offline Arro

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Re: buying an FJ?
« Reply #20 on: 02:07:16 PM / 11-Sep-12 »
If for some reason you decide to give up on the FJ, there are some of us in the States who will probably want parts. Although I don't understand why you are feeling so much anxiety over it. Crankshafts are out there. When I go to JCCS I'll poke around for you with some of the FJ lovers there.
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Re: buying an FJ?
« Reply #21 on: 03:40:32 PM / 11-Sep-12 »
Thanks Arro.

I'm still in the game for a crank. I did hear good news today; the crank I have now should be getting welded by the end of the week. They, the machine shop, is straightening it from the weld also. They said they got bearing that will fit so they can recut the thrust. This means it passed the mag, which I was sweating.

This just leaves the crank without nitriding or any other wear restart surface. Which I don't know what I'm doing about that yet. So it looks like I have one crank with a "history". Being steel, it's natural wear isn't so hot. Maybe a powder coat, but the shop wants to do the bearings.

The machine shop asked for the block today, concerned about the amount of walk in the crank - hurting the block and bearing fitment - I can't get down there with work. I can see no tell of crank contact on any webs. I can't find a competent person to deliver the block as I have a responsibility to be at work.

I'm certainly not parting the motor, ive wanted one of these puppies for quite some time. It's just so rare to me; the Fj, it's making me panic and hoard a little.

Going wiseco, spool, and a touch less boost than the gas pump will let me use. Still gotta mag all the valves and retainers - I drop one I'm doomed.