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Author Topic: RB20det  (Read 15811 times)

Offline BullsEye

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« Reply #40 on: 06:46:07 AM / 30-Oct-05 »
nice swap
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Offline ferret

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« Reply #41 on: 02:41:30 AM / 31-Oct-05 »
More weight over the front axle = more front weight bias = more understeer. A car with more weight over the front  wheels is much less nimble, making it harder to change direction rapidly.

The aim of the game with weight distribution is to get it as close to 50/50 as possible as this gives the most neautral natural handling characteristics. When a car is nose heavy you need to compensate for this by fitting heavier front springs and larger swaybars, the stiffer the springs and the more weight that there is to control the harder it becomes for the shocks to do their job and control the springs making the tyres less likely to maintain contact with the road surface which = less front grip which = more understeer and turns your car into and understeering dog.

S13\'s understeer badly enough as it is without adding any more weight to the front end. And before you suggest that I drive anything else to compare your lead tipped arrow too, my garage is currently home to the Cima, my S12, and a Mazdaspeed Spec B MX5 with a whole host of aftermarket suspension under it. It has previously been home to a 180SX and a couple of Alfa\'s amoungst other things. My best friend currently owns an S13 SR20 drift car and an S15, and has previously owned an R32, RS Escort, ED XR8 etc. The S13 still understeers horribly despite having track spec Tien RA coilovers, whiteline adjustable swaybars etc.

I suggest that you either go back to school and take a maths and physics refresher or at the very least do some research before you go calling people loser.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope that the info contained in my little rant here can be of use to somebody.
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« Reply #42 on: 12:05:25 PM / 31-Oct-05 »
I have been reading this thread for a while and would like to make a rather bold statement....both ideas are a point. Before anybody starts flaming me for my observations, let me first tell you that I have drifted my \'180sx\' 240sx with two different engine set-ups. The first was the stock ka24de setup plus turbo. I was having a few understeer issues, but could not afford to upgrade my suspension further (tein springs/tokico shocks) I learned to use the understeer to my advantage in the drift, which I believe the first gentleman was eluding to. I had to change my technique, but my drifts were much more breath-taking and oddly, more controlable. I recently switched to a vq30de mated with the rwd 350z\'s 6 speed tranny. This engine actually saved over 50lbs overall and placed the most weight farther back. I had to adjust the front suspension so the nose would\'nt stick up in the air. After driving the new set-up,...which is now much closer to 50/50, it took me along time to get used to it. But my technique changed , and I\'m doin alright again. So in my opinion, the only losers are the ones that flame others that have had good results with different set-ups. I\'ve seen people drift some crazy stuff. If you have to fight over which weight bias is better to drift or drive, then you are narrow minded, and don\'t give a crap about learning technique. Weight doesn\'t matter as much as the driver does.  :wink:
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« Reply #43 on: 03:22:13 AM / 02-Dec-05 »
Good point. But Nice job on the RB swap. I\'m actually thinking about picking up a s13 and putting an RB in her just for drifting. Only because my s12 lacks rear suspension options. For my comment, drifting is about all about the Edge. Learning different styles of driving keeps me behind the wheel as much as I can. All you can hope for is to find your own style. But besides that Do what you need to do to Bust A Mad Drift.
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« Reply #44 on: 01:59:20 AM / 28-Dec-05 »
I\'d like to see someone drop and RB30-T in an S12. Probably only one of the Aussie guys here though, seeing as they\'re the only ones that got it (luck sonuva....). IMHO though... the RB20 is okay, but it\'s only a 2.0L. If you\'re going to go with a 2.0, go with an SR20, as it\'s lighter and there\'s more of a market out there for it. If you want to go for Skyline performance, go with an RB25, I\'ve seen many an RB25 powered 240 and they are certainly a sight to behold.
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« Reply #45 on: 09:12:56 AM / 22-Mar-06 »
Rb30 is aged and hard to find in good condition.
If you are going to build one you are better off building rb2530 but they are a very tall motor and would be difficult to get under the bonnet.

My reasoning for using the rb20 is because the car was intended to be a drifter and the rb20\'s seem to take more abuse than other nissan offerings.
Not here to start a battle just stating what i have found from my personal experience.

Offline newby200sx

Re: RB20det
« Reply #46 on: 11:15:04 PM / 19-Mar-11 »
So what happened to this rb s12 was it finished? Need some info
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Offline Draconis

Re: RB20det
« Reply #47 on: 11:44:14 PM / 19-Mar-11 »
So what happened to this rb s12 was it finished? Need some info

You looking to do an RB swap?

My RB20DET swap:
Dan's RB25DET swap:
My RB26DETT Swap:

And a write up for an RB swap into an S12: