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Author Topic: 1987 200sx VG30E to SR20?  (Read 11606 times)

Offline MT017

Re: 1987 200sx VG30E to SR20?
« Reply #40 on: 12:56:37 AM / 08-Jun-11 »
ok well great... if yall know where i can get parts great. links plz. otherwise i need to know what to get for the SR20 swap.  :yes:
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Re: 1987 200sx VG30E to SR20?
« Reply #41 on: 02:33:55 AM / 08-Jun-11 »
Might be similar horsepower, but the torque numbers are way better.  and I get 20mpg flogging (read: pinned all the time) the shit out of it, and 24mpg doing the speed limit, and 26mpg cruising at 100mph.

...And I get 25MPG floggin mine.  31MPG at 70MPH highway all day long.  However, my VG is port matched/smoothed, punched .040 over, Cerma Chromed EE headers with 2.5 inch all the way through the CAT and muffler. 

I love the meaty sound when accelerating but it does need a small resonator after the CAT to reduce the crackly note when I lift off hard accel.

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Re: 1987 200sx VG30E to SR20?
« Reply #42 on: 02:42:37 PM / 12-Jun-11 »
Stupid idea....

....but on the bright side of things, that means more SE crossmember will be available for the 84 ca20e cars...

I have plenty.
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Re: 1987 200sx VG30E to SR20?
« Reply #43 on: 03:02:39 PM / 12-Jun-11 »
This thread is full of win lol. Anyway you can get parts for the vg from your local parts store I say if your gonna swap the vg go v8 makes more sense to me than downgrading to a 4 cyl.

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Re: 1987 200sx VG30E to SR20?
« Reply #44 on: 04:40:21 PM / 12-Jun-11 »
I can get some parts from my local parts store... Pretty much everything but the starter and alternator (though the one off a KA can be made to work).
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Offline newby200sx

Re: 1987 200sx VG30E to SR20?
« Reply #45 on: 05:23:35 PM / 12-Jun-11 »
vg all the way dudes!
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