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Author Topic: Electrical Switch Cleaning 101  (Read 3333 times)

Offline Wolf Dilworth

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Electrical Switch Cleaning 101
« on: 04:57:12 PM / 21-Jun-11 »
There have been some folks wanting a switch cleaning Tutorial, so here is what I have.  High res. for clarity.

Here are the basic tools you will need: [the little tube is Dielectric Grease.  The good stuff is not cheap and the cheap stuff is not good.  Also, use a solvent that leaves no residue.]

Here is a typical switch assembly:

Start pulling it apart, gently, use a small screwdriver (if needed) to pry parts up.

Work around the edges to release the little locking tabs, walking the pieces apart.

...And.  (be aware of the orientation of all the small parts)

Using cleaning compound, brushes and swabs, clean out all the crud. I do not recommend sanding or scraping the metal contacts, just clean with solvent and a swab.  I wash the plastic housings in the sink with a brush and soapy water AND rinse with clean water.

Get everything looking like this.  This is not the best image but you should get the idea. Yes gang, that is a different switch assembly.

Once everything is clean, add a tiny blob of Dielectric Grease to the contacts, it does not take much.  (note: that is a tiny jewelers screwdriver.)

Grease only the metal to metal contacts, not the plastic bits that move the contacts. Once you are happy with the finished product, re-assemble everything and put part back into service.

Note:  When cleaning the turn signal stalk, there are little plastic hot-melt closures that you will have to pop loose (break), you can usually snap this back together after cleaning, if needed, you can use a little blob of hot-glue or even re-weld with a soldering pencil.

FWIW - I have had mixed results with turn signal cleaning.  I have done three stalks and only one seemed to function acceptably afterward. Gripe on all three was "no high beam" function.   

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Offline IggyEGuana

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Re: Electrical Switch Cleaning 101
« Reply #1 on: 11:03:10 PM / 21-Jun-11 »

the first headlight stalk i did turned out perfect and never messed up on me again. the second one has been almost perfect except the taillights were hit or miss for a minute but that cleared up. the first one didnt get dielectric grease. just a little wd-40. i kno its wrong but it worked

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Re: Electrical Switch Cleaning 101
« Reply #2 on: 02:07:01 AM / 25-Jun-11 »
My high beams are picky im going to redo them for a 3rd time, at least they work now cause i had none before
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Re: Electrical Switch Cleaning 101
« Reply #3 on: 01:38:17 PM / 25-Jun-11 »
I just realized that i had yet to sticky this post....congrats and great work wolf!

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