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Author Topic: S12 slowly but surely build.  (Read 1794 times)

Offline Shane2133

S12 slowly but surely build.
« on: 11:29:11 AM / 22-Jun-11 »
So I found out some things about my s12. It leaks power steering fluid. Kinda bad lol. Trying to figure out if its the hardlines or the boots on the rack. Also the electronic dash SUCKS! I wanna swap it out for a regular gauge cluster dash. Shocks are shot and so are the rear tires. But the worst part...I was driving to the gas station today and It started acting like it wanted to just shut down around 3k-4k rpm. Like the motor just stoped for a second then kept going. So idk if that would be fuel or electrical related yet, maybe timing? Anyways I am picking up s13 spindels, control arms, rack and tie rods next week, now just looking for coilovers so I can swap it all in!

Post Merge: 11:30:29 AM / 22-Jun-11
I am also looking for a ka swap so I can get rid of the ca! And an analog dash.
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