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Author Topic: MAF ?  (Read 1683 times)

Offline TX200sx

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« on: 04:43:29 PM / 26-Jul-11 »
Does anyone know, if I was going to upgrade the stock SR20det MAF to the Z32 MAF do I want the turbo or NA? Also is there any point in doing this upgrade if I'm running stock injectors?

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Offline seishuku

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Re: MAF ?
« Reply #1 on: 05:07:41 PM / 26-Jul-11 »
Turbo, but maybe they're the same? I don't remember.
And no, there's no real need to go to a bigger MAFS unless you're already maxing out the injectors.
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Re: MAF ?
« Reply #2 on: 06:04:20 PM / 26-Jul-11 »
I forget, but just look for the z32 maf with the orange sticker on it. Not the purple sticker.

No, there is no point in upgrading to a z32 maf if you're not maxing out injectors. Actually Your injectors will max out before your maf does for the s13 and s14 sr20det since they both have the 370cc injectors; the s15 came with 480cc injectors. And I hope you're aware that by upgrading to a z32 maf, you'll need some form of piggy back or ems.
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