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Author Topic: alhickabee's KA S12 Build  (Read 4841 times)

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Re: alhickabee's KA S12 Build
« Reply #20 on: 12:24:13 PM / 04-Jul-12 »
Id say  just get better condition replacements... Much easier imo...
I've got a passenger side for you, just needs paint... I could plastidip it for you if you like ;)
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Re: alhickabee's KA S12 Build
« Reply #21 on: 02:12:12 PM / 04-Jul-12 »
Lookin' good :thumbsup:

Not so sure on the 95 cluster but to each their own lol
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Re: alhickabee's KA S12 Build
« Reply #22 on: 11:17:25 AM / 05-Jul-12 »
VG30 - I feel like waiting for both handles to be in and then the time to repaint them would set me back like another month.  Either way to repaint them correctly they really need to come apart.  The real question is has anyone else had success in taking them apart?

Arro - Thanks man.  The cluster was free so I'm not complaining :)
« Last Edit: 11:20:06 AM / 05-Jul-12 by alhickabee »
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Re: alhickabee's KA S12 Build
« Reply #23 on: 11:15:26 PM / 22-Jul-12 »
All little help plz guys...

I currently am at my church's youth summer camp, which is about 2 hrs from home.  This is the first time she's gone out of town and been driven for more than an hour continuously.  The drive here at first was great.  Then about half way I started feeling the motor losing power in a cyclical fashion, almost like it was running out of gas.  So I pulled off and filled up, it took all of 2 gallons.  So running out of fuel wasn't the issue.  Back on the road it was fine for about 15 minutes then the issue slowly started creeping back.  Luckily at this point we were about 10 miles from the camp.  I got the car there, but it wasn't pretty.  It kept "bucking" if I applied anymore than about 10% throttle.  Got it here, unpacked, set up some stuff; about 45 min, then went back to the car and drove it around the camp (low speeds) for about 10 minutes with no sign of the problem.

Only code I pulled was a 14.  I'm still waiting on a s14 speed sensor to come in the mail to work with the s14 cluster.  The S13's speed sensor was reading double which kicked in the governor any time I tried to get on the freeway.  I have that currently disconnected and had been driving to and from work (18 miles each way)

The cut I'm now experiencing seems very similar to the speed sensor issue I experienced just without the very obvious speed correlation.  It really feels like a fuel delivery issue.  I'm going to go into town tomorrow and buy another fuel filter.  The one on there now is only a few months old with less than 1k miles, so unless there's a ton of crap in the tank it shouldn't be clogged that bad.  We also pulled the line after the filter to the rail and filled up a couple of empty water bottles, gas had a slight amber tint but looked fairly clean.

Any ideas or suggestion are greatly appreciated.  I've got to make it back to Austin on Wednesday and really don't want to have this problem on the return trip.

Cliff Notes:
1.  1st road trip
2.  after an hour and a half the car started hesitating like it was running out of gas
3.  full tank, problem persists
4.  bucking gets worse with throttle % and time

Help is greatly appreciated, even if it's just a spit ball in the wind...
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