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Author Topic: Making it road worthy again  (Read 1637 times)

Offline Sensi206

Making it road worthy again
« on: 10:28:21 PM / 15-Aug-11 »
So I don't have pics yet but I will get them up in the morning when I got more light. But as of today my dad and I installed the rack and pinion without any problems. I was originally quoted at around $1500 to get this done. I only spent less than a third of that to do it ourselves. I also took the time to change out sway bar bushings and the front tension rods. I was also able to find out some little problems that were wrong with my ride. A main vacuum tube was not connected as well as a smaller one. I also found the reason behind my lights not being able to go down. I had a friends electrician take a look and said I needed a new switch.. I just needed to plug them in.. Whoever owned this car before me just unplugged so many things and took some things out as well so now its a matter of searching through the shop manual and figuring out whats all missing. Next on my list is replacing shocks and struts since the rear shocks are blown. I got my Canuck lowering springs and now I just need to wait for the paycheck and I can safely afford the necessary struts and shocks for the springs. I will get pics of the pancakes I found out were bushings at one time. Can't wait to get the ride back on the road soon.

Here are the rack and pinion bushings. All the rubber from the driver side pair disintegrated as I took it out of the mount.

The rest of the bushings I replaced. Front tension rods and sway bar bushings and links.

The New rack and pinion waiting for one last bushing for the passenger side.

Also replaced both tie rods while I was at it.

The two lines that were not plugged in

I know its nothing major as of yet but my father and I are feeling pretty accomplished getting the rack and pinion installed by ourselves.
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