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Author Topic: Site Downtime Aug.18.2011  (Read 2887 times)

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Site Downtime Aug.18.2011
« on: 12:07:15 AM / 18-Aug-11 »
As some of you may have noticed, the forum was down or showing error messages on the evening of the 17th of August.  This is not fully resolved at this time, but the ability to log in and post should be restored at this point.  Expect to see all other functionality restored by the end of today (the 18th of August).

My best explaination for what happened is that I did not dig deep enough into the connections between my testbed version and the live version.  There apparently were connections existing between the testbed and the live site that allowed a minor security update to push out to the live version.  This negated the entire purpose of my testbed version, for which I apologize.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me via PM.

At the present time, the site is operational in a skeleton mode.  As we progress through tomorrow, you will see more and more functionality restored.  As a bit of a silver lining, I'd like to say that no forum data was lost during this issue.

EDIT: Just a quick update, I had a family issue tonight, so I wasn't able to fix the issues at hand, I will be working on this tomorrow night/tomorrow day (depending on work)

Post Merge: 10:39:38 PM / 18-Aug-11
10:38 PM CST: Garage is back up and running.

Post Merge: 11:26:58 PM / 18-Aug-11
11:25 PM CST: Shoutbox is back up and running, and it works a bit better than before.
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