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Author Topic: SR20 into CA18ET - advice please :-)  (Read 3091 times)

Offline drew555

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SR20 into CA18ET - advice please :-)
« on: 05:33:13 AM / 28-Aug-11 »
Hi folks.

We've just been tasked with putting an SR20 into an S12 for a friend, and we're at the research/viability checking stage - so obviously, we have questions :-)

First things first - what's needed to mechanically fit the engine?

Obviously we'll need the SR20, ECU and associated engine wiring (we're thinking all the sensors and a fair lump of the wires attached to them), but does the CA gearbox bolt up to the SR20, or do we need the gearbox or bellhousing too?

From what I can find on the net (suprisingly little), it appears that it's a relatively straightforward swap (as engine swaps go), are there any major pitfalls we should be looking to avoid?

We are really looking for a list of 'bits' we're going to be needing, so we don't get halfway through it and say 'dag nammit, the starter doesn't mate up...', and we're fairly confident that we can do most of the work using standard parts from one type of Silvia or another.

We're currently thinking...

SR20 engine/ECU/associated wires.
CA gearbox <- likely to bolt to the SR? Or is the SR gearbox/bellhousing needed?
Later S-body engine mounts (S13/S14) <- likely to need modification?
Gearbox mount <- we'll custom make this up from steel.
Propshaft <- custom prop? Or is there a way of 'Frankensteining' the 'right' prop from S12/S13/S14 parts?
Starter motor <- This will need deciding on when we figure out what gearbox/bellhousing combination we'll use.

I'm tired, so I'm sure there's stuff I've missed, feel free to point out anything I've missed or just not considered.

Thanks lads.

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Offline tommy

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Re: SR20 into CA18ET - advice please :-)
« Reply #1 on: 08:24:44 AM / 28-Aug-11 »
First, you could search, because I'm sure it's been talked about many times before...

Second, I'm gonna give you a head start....

you can take the belhousing on the SR tranny and put it on the CA tranny along with the SR starter... that way, you will be able to keep your stock transmission mount, stock prop shaft and have the shifter in the stock location... the rest is drop in, motor mount and all, it's just a little wiring job and you're all set...

concerning the tranny, If the car is a Mk1.5 or Mk2, 1986.5 to 1988, it's the same transmission as the sr20's (FS5W71C) except that the s12 one is a little shorter... if it's a mk1 car, 1984 to 1986, the stock tranny is a FS5W71B which is a little weaker than the C tranny, the bellhousing swap will still work though and it should hold on nicely behind a stock sr20... plus it is just plain easier to fit in the car...)

If you decide to use the sr20 tranny, you have to make a new tranny mount, you have to cut the shifter hole in the car to accomodate for the longer tranny, and you need to find an s13 front driveshaft... you will have to use the front section of the s13 driveshaft matted to the rear section of your current s12 driveshaft for it to fit the car
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