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Author Topic: Project Refresh.  (Read 17859 times)

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Re: Project Refresh.
« Reply #80 on: 08:52:54 PM / 27-Aug-16 »
...and Punt! Read on.

Somehow the battery in this thing won't die. Sits for literally a year, put it on the trickle charger for 2 hours and it's good to go.

Put a used/known good ECM in it. It does what it's designed to. All the hours I have fixing the wires, routing, rerouting ,cleaning, etc. It finally runs. Took it down the road. Yea. A burnout of the gratuitous type was done. Damn. It runs better than I ever remember my old one running, and that one ran pretty strong too.  Stirs up those feelings of excitement my previous s12 gave me.

It's bittersweet though. It's new owner is making the journey, looks to be close to a 10 hour round trip drive for him. Title signed and stamped, bill of sale completed, ready to load up. So, maybe with him having a better starting point he can breathe some life into this thing.

I have a feeling he will be on here. He's got a solid plan. Best of luck to him.