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Author Topic: The CS-12 Free parts thread. If you just want it gone, someone could use it.  (Read 5873 times)

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This is the CS-12 Free parts thread. There are NO prices in this thread.

This thread is NOT limited to S12 parts. It is also NOT limited to car parts. If you have something you want gone, post it here. I will use my discretion and if something of question is posted, I will consult the others, and notify you of it, and what we determine.

I will personally keep this thread clean. IF you post something up, and it's later gone. Edit your thread to reflect it or PM me, and I will delete your post.

IF your post is more than 30 days old. I WILL Delete it. You can feel free to post it again if need/want be

There will also be no replies to any post in this thread EVERYTHING must be taken care of in PM's. If I find a reply to someone, I WILL delete it with NO warning.

If you don't have a location in your profile, add it to your post.

This is forum is open to international members. Please keep an open mind to to that. If you are from another country, You can still feel free to post here. Just realize that shipping may prove very expensive.

This may be a free parts thread. But it is still subject to the transaction feedback section. Somebody may not be paying for the item, but they still paid for shipping.

These rules CAN be changed at any moment. But I think it covers most of the bases.


PS. If you want to get rid of your hustlers, playboys, or any other pr0nographic material. Don't bother posting it, just PM me. :D
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