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Author Topic: Juhzi´s RS12  (Read 1834 times)

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Juhzi´s RS12
« on: 12:57:36 PM / 15-Sep-11 »
Hello everyone. Sorry but im not really good at English, but i try to write something here.

I bought this silvia a few weeks a go. Some information=  -88, CA18ET, 160000km drived, broken turbo, melted piston, poor paint etc.

I have already taken the engine out and dismantled it. Like i say english suck, so i rather link pictures :)

And here is my other cars.

Datsun b310

Nissan T12 CA18ET

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T12 CA18ET
B310 A14

Offline tim murphy

Re: Juhzi´s RS12
« Reply #1 on: 03:50:50 PM / 15-Sep-11 »
looks like a nice silvia keep up the work and the pics . cheers