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Author Topic: 87 bluebird turbo zx build  (Read 1043 times)

Offline robk20a

87 bluebird turbo zx build
« on: 07:05:32 PM / 09-Oct-11 »
well here goes back in april i bought a 89 nissan bluebird turbo zx for 450e it was on english reg but had potential ca18et, front mount,hks b.o.v body looked good so i said id rebuild it for a project there was no rust apart from in the boot were spare wheel goes was abit smokey so needed turbo done and hole in the radiator fuck it tho always loved these cars as a lad so up the yard it went.

this when i got it                                                                                                                                   

took out engine and box and took the turbo off and the head marking up for the timing belt,of they went to be reconditioned degreased the engine bay and it all came up mint but the rust in the boot was really bothering me so onto internet and found a 2.0slx (ca20e i think)bluebird mint body no rust anywere only dirt and a seriously clean interior and 1987 better again.stripped the two cars out and started swoping the parts onto the non turbo -back disc break conversion,shocks and springs and petrol tank. because the 87 one was on carbs new petrol pump and the whole wiring from back lights to fuel pump to everything had to be changed some wirin came out of the 2 cars keeping all the turbos ones to be put into the 87 one. ecu coil and injector wirin too,new brake and fuel lines were also fitted
took all glass from the 89 one and put into the 87 one because the turbo zx model came with smokey glass standard so had to keep it retro old school 17" rims i got of a mate need a refurb but no problems doin that,cleaned and put underbody sealent underneath carplus got the head and turbo back lad that done it thinks its a t28 if so happy daysand got nice new bits in the door too

timing belt kit
pistons and rings
head gasket
all new belts
still lookin for some more engine gaskets and a oil pump hard got if any body knows were would ship these to ireland please tell me thanks
sprayed engine bay yesterday high gloss black and underneath the bonnot too put ecu and bits into bay today boost sensor battery try and little bits lookin well
photobucket taking its dead time will trow up few pics if gets sorted


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