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Author Topic: [NC] 1987 200sx SE Black on Black  (Read 4205 times)

Offline mmmjesse

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[NC] 1987 200sx SE Black on Black
« on: 12:46:10 PM / 26-Oct-11 »
I bought this car a while back. Intentions where to make it my daily. As usual, i have no time. Will not ship.

1987 Nissan 200sx SE
313k ish miles
Black on Black
All original
Price- $700
Contact- PM or 336-558-8353
Extras- Clutch pedal assembly, 86 z31 engine, s13 trans(good), s13 trans(unknown condition), S12 SE manual trans(high milage rough)

The Good- Its all original, was VERY well maintained. Have a folder full of records on it. Was purchased new by the son of the man i bought it from. He put about 60k on it then his dad purchased it. That was in 1991 IIRC. Car was a southern car. Houston, california and NC. chassis is in great shape. Exterior is straight and has all the lip kit in good shape.  still has the moonroof cover and rear hatch cover in great shape. Interior is good for the most part.

The Bad- Needs a motor. Crank bolt backed out and the pully wobbled on the crank and ruined them both. Motor still runs fine other than that. Comes with a good motor i pulled out of a z31. 150ish k on it. Shakey can confirm the motor ran. Top of the passenger side of the dash and the top of the door panels are damaged from the sun. Battery tray has rust but it is solid. Rear light trim is has a small amout of surface rust. Nothing really that bad.

This is what the motor is like at this moment. I started the disassembly to pull the motor.

the spare engine and all three transmissions

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Forgot to mention that the car is located in High Point 27265
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Offline d_k_jose_s12

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Re: [NC] 1987 200sx SE Black on Black
« Reply #1 on: 10:32:14 PM / 01-Nov-11 »
 Damn nc hmmm now you got me thinking about a road trip give me a call at631 645 2321 don't want to call you so late its 11.30

Offline mmmjesse

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Re: [NC] 1987 200sx SE Black on Black
« Reply #2 on: 12:56:51 PM / 06-Nov-11 »
SOLD please close

Offline Dave

Re: [NC] 1987 200sx SE Black on Black
« Reply #3 on: 11:26:48 AM / 12-Nov-11 »
Damn it, I wanted this thing, too.

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Re: [NC] 1987 200sx SE Black on Black
« Reply #4 on: 10:28:41 PM / 24-Nov-11 »
This is mine now, should be on the road this weekend!
1987 200sx se - FOR SALE!!
1998 240sx - low n slow
1997 Jeep Cherokee - daily