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Author Topic: Silly question but please help  (Read 4592 times)

Offline Juddez

Silly question but please help
« on: 05:18:04 PM / 27-Dec-11 »
I hope I have posted in the right forum,

How do I upload photos to a build thread ? I am not good with text based forums, I click on the insert image button and it comes up with [img][img]
but then what ?
Pulling out my ca20e so I would like to start a build thread to share my progress

Thanks guys

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Re: Silly question but please help
« Reply #1 on: 05:22:21 PM / 27-Dec-11 »
what I use is Photobucket. Its free to create an account and you can upload as many pictures as you want there and sort them into different albums. From there, once you hover over the picture you uploaded, it says IMG CODE and copy that URL and paste it on your build thread, it will show that picture like so

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what the hell is camber?

I thought about my s12 and the parts i want to put in her :P

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Offline Juddez

Re: Silly question but please help
« Reply #2 on: 05:29:55 PM / 27-Dec-11 »
Awesome. Thanks

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