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Author Topic: OpenSSL Vulnerabilities And The Club  (Read 2927 times)

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OpenSSL Vulnerabilities And The Club
« on: 07:40:53 AM / 10-Apr-14 »
Hi All,

I just wanted to briefly let you know that our server is not one that is vulnerable to the OpenSSL heartbleed bug that you may have heard about on the news recently.

Our server currently does not have the OpenSSL module installed, but may at some point in the future if we decide to go full SSL for the site out of principle.


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Re: OpenSSL Vulnerabilities And The Club
« Reply #1 on: 09:32:17 PM / 13-Apr-14 »
I've heard passing mention of this heartbleed thing, but I haven't bothered to research it at all. I take it exploits a hole in OpenSSL's security? I don't think I know any websites that use OpenSSL.
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Re: OpenSSL Vulnerabilities And The Club
« Reply #2 on: 03:23:08 PM / 15-Apr-14 »
it's a pretty big deal for those sites that have the issue. - there's a wikipedia article that explains it pretty well -
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