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Author Topic: New revisions to old - What is TUNING?  (Read 2644 times)

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New revisions to old - What is TUNING?
« on: 02:22:05 AM / 13-Apr-12 »
I had always been less interested in snazzy photos and articles of S12's, and more interested in the technical and educational side of automotive writing. Before Club-S12 was created, I wrote a series of tech articles to help the early S12 tuning hopefuls get a better sense of what they were up against at the time. Those articles would later be re-written into a single article that would guide a new tuner into the basic concepts and give them a good head start on tuning for more power safely. It was followed by a number of supplemental articles for Club-S12 that described blow-off valves, turbochargers, and other more specific topics.  

I had thought the old "What is TUNING?" article I wrote at the beginning of Club-S12 was lost in one of our server crashes years ago, but it turns out it had been saved as a post by one of the other admins. It had lots of good information and was written in plain language so that most people with little or no tuning knowledge could read it and walk away with a good understanding of basic tuning concepts.

Tonight I revised it, adding about 25% more content, a few pictures, and updating things to reflect ten years of automotive advances since the article was first written (and since Club-S12 was first created). Go take a looksee, and be sure to refer tuning noobs to this so that their questions are better focused:

This is written with a universal application in mind, and will apply to almost any automotive tuning scenario.

As far as reviving the old supplemental articles, I don't see that as necessary anymore, thanks to such great websites as who have excellent explanations accompanied by great diagrams (some even animated).

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