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Author Topic: KA SWAP: Why is my s12 harness different than everyone elses?  (Read 1759 times)

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I've got an 87 notch silver top ca. s13 ka dual cam is in, partially wired. but my plug is different than anyone that ive seen on the forums. its a single plug exactly like whats on the s13 harness. it will fire with starter fluid but the injectors are not getting power i believe...

as you can see the 2 plugs that are in the ka wiring threads arent there. on the ca harness or the s12 body harness

also my headlights, dash lights, radio,pretty much anything related to the dash isnt working. what it is and that ill be picking up tomorrow, is the black box between the core support and the battery that has jumpers in it and suplies power to the fuse panel had smoke coming out of it the first time i hooked the battery up because some of my wiring wasnt wrapped up i checked the wires and they all look okay to me... could the box be cutting power to the fuel injectors???

these are the threads ive been referencing and my car is not the same.

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Re: KA SWAP: Why is my s12 harness different than everyone elses?
« Reply #1 on: 10:14:26 PM / 09-Aug-12 »
there going to be 2 white plugs under the dash on the driverside their pretty small