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Author Topic: Swapping SR20de in auto MK2 S12  (Read 3036 times)

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Swapping SR20de in auto MK2 S12
« on: 08:34:32 AM / 17-Jun-12 »
So i have this mk2 S12, with ca18et and autobox.

I have an s15 sr20de with manual box ready for it but i like to know a few things for sure before i start swapping.
I have done lots of swaps in S13's and s14's so i am not new to this but i am pretty new to the s12.

engine with sr20 engine mounts wil be a stright fit on the subframe, must fab a new gearboxmount, how about the propshaft? I guess i cant use the auto one since they have different spline patterns on s13's and s14's i guess this is the same on s12? canb i use an s13 shaft?

i am pretty sure there will be a neutral switch on the s12, i know how to rewire them on an s13 or s14 but is this the same on an s12? 2 wires, shrink them together and its done? if it is like that, were can i find the wires?

Thats it for now.

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Re: Swapping SR20de in auto MK2 S12
« Reply #1 on: 10:41:45 PM / 17-Jun-12 »
All 5 speed SR20 trannys are the same as far as i know so yes, you can use an S13 propshaft.

i don't know about the neutral safety switch as i have a 5 speed, maybe some 5 speed swap guys can chime in here?
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