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Author Topic: Things to do before swapping  (Read 4005 times)

Offline mannytheman

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Things to do before swapping
« on: 11:13:36 AM / 03-Sep-12 »
I found a complet ca-det swap and was wondering what to do before I put it in my car.
It needs a hg so I'll get studs wile I'm at it but what are comon... issues should I do bearings, valve seals, oil and water pump ect? Or just inspect everything and run it?

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Re: Things to do before swapping
« Reply #1 on: 06:34:22 AM / 10-Nov-12 »
Check clutch and plasiguage bearings. replace Pilot bearing, Oil pump, water pump and timing components. Basic stuff i do on swaps, another thing you might want to do is replace the water hoses on the intake manifold.
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