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Author Topic: [MI] 1986 200sx xe ca20e runs but rough  (Read 1209 times)

Offline Mikes200sx

[MI] 1986 200sx xe ca20e runs but rough
« on: 10:43:28 AM / 21-Oct-12 »
I am selling my s12 again...i got it running but i cant get the timing right so instead of breaking the car im going to sell it someone that can fix does need some work but everything it need i already have new....ball joints inner and outer tierod ends. it has 4 new injectors that are all perfect. just make me an offer please and come get it...i can accept paypal also...heck ill even hold the car untill you are able to come get it as long as the payment is threw. I dont have a title but the guy i bought it from gave me the title and a bill of sale i just lost the title before i could get it switched over to my name. i just havent had time to get to sec of state and sort it all out.
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-1986 s12 w/ca20e. Mandrel bent 2 1/2  exhaust with borla muffler. Real ram air intake.
-1985 rx7 13b all stock
-1991 fzr1000...scary fast
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Re: 1986 200sx xe ca20e runs but rough (mi)
« Reply #1 on: 11:11:09 AM / 21-Oct-12 »
Hey, uh, rules say you gotta put a price, man. Just saying.
Nah, quoted for future use because not only is it lame and old, but it's a direct link to Schizo posting up homoerotic menswear fanfiction.
zololn: wheres the check engine light on the s12?