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Author Topic: The Inline six radiator Thread  (Read 1580 times)

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The Inline six radiator Thread
« on: 04:52:49 PM / 28-Oct-12 »
swaping an inline six like an RB or a JZ isnt that hard...but everything around this swap can become a constant pain.
one of the biggest problems is to find a Radiator which clears your engine.
So i thought hows about a list with Rads that proven to work with your swap.
Ive tried a couple and adding the point that my swap is the longest(LOOOOOOL) since i put a triggerwheel setup in front of my pulley.
if you add your info please go into details much as possibel and write down exact! from which car or company you get your Rad
just look how i write down the info and you get the idea
so here we go:

Suzuki Vitara V6
-fit when angled similar to an Z31 Rad

Honda CRX ED9
-Cheaply aviable
-wont fit between the headlights
-Fit very close with an oem rb20 pulley

Mercedes Benz 190 2.0 w203??
-Fit in near every position that you want
-quiet small
-need inline fillerneck

VW Scirocco
-fit PERFECT between headlights
-need mods if you chose the 16v variant with the expansion tank
-great for NA but sucks for Turbo

VW Rabbit(GOLF MK I )
-oem expensive
-grate cooling
-Fit awesome!
-need an inline filleneck
-offers great cooling capacity in cooper variant(ABT scirocco is the same but with an expansion tank)

-Honda Civic
-Alloy ver. Cheap
-Good cooling for drag Race
-Horribel fitment with an Inline six

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Re: The Inline six radiator Thread
« Reply #1 on: 12:44:42 PM / 08-Oct-14 »
AFCO and many other racing rad manufacturers (I have a griffin that was way too much $$$) also make a scirocco form factor rad only much thicker 3" to 5" cores.