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Author Topic: Computer (pc, not ecu) Dilemma  (Read 6693 times)

Offline Jsvob03

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Computer (pc, not ecu) Dilemma
« on: 07:37:00 PM / 28-Nov-12 »
Here's where I'm at. I have an Emachines Desktop. Its outdated, and on the slow side. Here's the specs..
OS: Windows XP
Processor: AMD 1.6 GHz
Memory: 2 GB (1.8 or so after the video card takes its allowance. stupid.)
Hard Drives: (1) W.D. 70 Gig, (1) W.D. 40 Gig. Both are slow and old. not even close to 7200 rpm, that much i know.
CD/Dvd. 4 billion usb slots. seriously there's about 8.

My predicament. I want something thats gonna be faster, and allow me to run IE. I need Internet explorer for multiple work applications/sites. I don't need a new monitor (have a 1 yr old 17" flat panel), optical mouse, boring keyboard that works for my fat fingers, or really any other PC accessories as they are all fine (Printer, Audio, DVD, etc). I cannot add anymore memory. the motherboard...she can't take it.
My options
(1) Buy SSD (128 GB), use 70gb for file storage, take the computer to figure why the fuck IE doesn't do its thing when firefox is awesome sauce.
(2) Buy a new damn computer. no SSD. Install SSD depending on remaining funds.

lets go with the arbitrary number of $500 for my budget. What would you recommend?

Fyi. No Dell, period. 
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Offline StephenG

Re: Computer (pc, not ecu) Dilemma
« Reply #1 on: 08:06:21 PM / 28-Nov-12 »
New computer, hands down. I wouldn't spend a penny trying to upgrade something that old, no offence. Adding an SSD to that is kinda like strapping a 3 inch stainless HKS exhaust on a geo metro.

There are plenty of tower only systems below $500 that are simply outstanding for non-gaming use. Ive had good results with the HP slimline systems. Just equipped the 4th relative with a new desktop that way, none of them cost more than $400 out the door.

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Re: Computer (pc, not ecu) Dilemma
« Reply #2 on: 12:35:12 PM / 29-Nov-12 »
tablet, or buy my semi oudated pc for $300 and make some of your money back selling the big graphics card...and install the other graphics card that comes with it (entry level). Or, do it in reverse (keep the big one and sell the entry level)
  Half serious..

 go on new egg or another online dist. sales are looking good right now. I pieced together an amd3+ system for under 400.
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Offline silverton

Re: Computer (pc, not ecu) Dilemma
« Reply #3 on: 01:02:00 PM / 29-Nov-12 »
Buy a new computer.  Avoid something with Windows 8 though, I'm hearing mixed results, mostly bad.

And fyi, both those hard drives are probably 7200rpm, industry standard for at least a decade in desktop machines.  5400 is reserved for power power usage in laptops

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Offline Jsvob03

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Re: Computer (pc, not ecu) Dilemma
« Reply #4 on: 06:05:05 PM / 30-Nov-12 »
I looked.

the 80 gig is 7200 rpm
the 40 gig is 5400 rpm

i think im going tonight to get a new computer. im really annoyed with this!

Offline Jsvob03

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Re: Computer (pc, not ecu) Dilemma
« Reply #5 on: 10:03:21 PM / 01-Dec-12 »
picked up a new machine. its a gateway.
3.1 GHz, 6 GB ram (expandable to 16!!), 1 TB hard drive. bluetooth, WiFi, windows 8. i wanted 7, but no regrets. its nice to have a computer that does things, but I need to learn to use it. time to read.

thanks for the input gang. btw, I was well within my budget

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Re: Computer (pc, not ecu) Dilemma
« Reply #6 on: 10:15:46 PM / 01-Dec-12 »
Problem is right there "Emachines" lol, 

For win7 look on win8 get start8 from stardock it's actually does a great job.  Nothing wrong with windows 8 really it's just a new interface but works just as good as windows 7.

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Re: Computer (pc, not ecu) Dilemma
« Reply #7 on: 10:26:02 PM / 01-Dec-12 »
Hey Jeff, If you need any computer help with the new pc, give me a call, I still have the same number.  That's what I do, all day long every day. 

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Re: Computer (pc, not ecu) Dilemma
« Reply #8 on: 12:27:11 PM / 02-Dec-12 »
I bought my Win 7 , HP pavilion 4g ram, Amd radeon hd card. for under 300. runs pretty good. handles WoW just fine.