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Author Topic: ecu code 11, and 34. but cas and knock are good. please help me DET noob  (Read 3378 times)

Offline nissanforlife300

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hey guys.

I swapped a ca18det into a 720 pickup recently, and it’s all ready to go except its running horrible.
Here is the problem I’m having: it will start and idle fine but it won’t rev at all, and when I move the throttle it will die unless I kind of bump the throttle in sync with it stalling then I can kind of get it to rev. When it does my wideband goes off the scale on the lean side. And I'm getting a 34 and 11 code on the ecu.

I’ve never been more frustrated with an engine in my life. I have been trying to figure out what’s wrong for 2 months now

Here is what I have done:
rebuilt ca18det block, rd20det turbo, brand new wiring harness, 255walbro, nismo fpr (set), dsm resistor, fmic, recirculating bov, 7psi external wastegate, 2.5’’ exhaust.

What Iv tried to fix the problem:
changed 2 different cas , set timing
Swapped ecu’s, I get a 34 and  11 on both
Changed the knock sensor-new
Checked for leaks, hot- cold-vac
Checked all coil packs- they are working
Cleaned maf sensor
new ntk O2 sensor

I guess what I’m asking is what else could throw a 34 and 11 and make the engine run like it does, because I’m at a loss, I have no idea that’s wrong with it

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