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Author Topic: ONEPFHATSTER +2  (Read 3319 times)

Offline mc

« on: 10:54:16 AM / 11-Sep-13 »
Feedback for:ONEPHATSTER
My position in the transaction:BUYER..fuel pump harness
Feedback Rating: +1
Paid with:PAYPAL
know the type  Comments:good guy!!buy his stuff!! fastest transaction I've ever had on waffling/flaking out...or excuses on late shipping ...blah blah you all know the type!
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Offline KevinJDM

« Reply #1 on: 04:17:12 PM / 11-Sep-13 »
Feedback for: onephatser (may want to fix his name ^)
My position in the transaction: Buyer of Sideskirt end caps
Feedback Rating: +1
Paid with: Paypal
Comments: Very quick and easy transaction. He sent an invoice and and communication was perfect. Package arrived quickly and as described. Would gladly purchase from again. Thanks!
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