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Author Topic: Several Problems with my S12 KA24E  (Read 1443 times)

Offline RamST

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Several Problems with my S12 KA24E
« on: 11:19:21 AM / 28-Sep-13 »
I Have a 1985 200sx was the 2.0 engine, but I put a KA24E swap on it, It have the stock suspention, and the stock Differential. The engine runs good, only have a timing chain sound when it starts.

Yesterday I went to the Drag strip to check How much time does my car.

on 1st and 2nd gear the car feels great, but in 3rd gear at 5,500rpm the revs goes dowm like it have a speed limiter.

second run, I shifted early on 3rd. and when I was on 4th at 4,5000rpm happend the same thing with the speed.

My best time was a sad 17.88 I'm disappointed.

My cluster is the stock one, and I don't know if I need to connect my transmission to the cluster so I will eliminate this problem (And if you can give me an advise to make it work, or if I need the digital cluster of the Turbo S12.)

and If I need to change my Differential too.


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Offline Slideways87Panda

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Re: Several Problems with my S12 KA24E
« Reply #1 on: 12:31:08 PM / 28-Sep-13 »
sounds like a problem witht the motor, not the guage cluster nor the diff, do ngk pkugs wires and a new cap and rotor and check the timing
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