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Author Topic: wont run for more than a few seconds  (Read 4589 times)

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Re: wont run for more than a few seconds
« Reply #20 on: 07:42:52 PM / 06-Dec-13 »
ok this ones a little off but im too far away from the car to check it myself.. when I went to lordco for the alt (lordco is Canada (only BC)) they told me they they had two they could order from their suppliers, the only difference is one has 2 brackets and the other has 3, including the tensioner.. one is Mitsubishi and the other one I cant remember but is a Japanese company that dosnt make cars in north America (cant remember exactly but it might have been hitachi)..
im more than a 100km from the car with not enough time or money to go look for myself other I would, what im wondering is if they are interchangeable , like if I get the one with 3 bracets and my car turns out to only have the 2 on the old one will the third just sit in space and be fine... or if my car has the 3 and I get the 2 does the third really matter?  to be safe If I HAVE to quess im going to get the one with 3 brackets.

thx, and after this I have faith that it will go!!!