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Author Topic: mckinney rb25 mounts into s12  (Read 4245 times)

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mckinney rb25 mounts into s12
« on: 02:18:44 AM / 06-Jan-14 »
Alright fellas, help me out here please. Now s13/14 guys like to be cheap n easy when it comes to rb swaps and usually stick with the r33 crossmember. Now mckinney n mazworx make mounts for the the s13 ka/ca crossmember to locate the rb25 back and low.
Its my understanding the ca18det bolts perfectly into the s12 so surely the crossmember mounts must be the same (i believe the crossmember itself is just a few inches shorter)? I dont think the gearbox mount would work, but thats a much easier fab anyway - is it reasonable to assume the above aftermarket mounts would fit an rb25 snugly in the s12 bay?

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