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Author Topic: CDI with twin coils  (Read 2262 times)

Offline stoned1

CDI with twin coils
« on: 08:18:56 PM / 04-Mar-14 »
Hi, having trouble getting a ACCEL 300+ CDI unit to work on my CA20e.


Having real trouble getting a signal from the CAS in the distributor to work with it, any ideas?


The CDI has 3 imputs for trigger signal optic, magnetic (+), and magnetic (-). Do I need to run both magnetic connections to make it work or just one?


Should I be taking a trigger signal from green/yellow and green/black distributor wires?


Also will I have issues running both coils from the CDI (only has outputs for a single coil)? Currently have both coils running off these wires, is that ok?


I am running bridged late model coils from a Pintara (if that makes a difference).


If anyone can offer any help would be awesome as I am crap with electricals.


I'm out of ideas and can find stuff all info on this topic online.

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Offline rednucleus

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Re: CDI with twin coils
« Reply #1 on: 12:07:07 AM / 05-Mar-14 »
Don't know if it matters, but the ca20 '85, and I presume '84, does not have a CAS like the ca18 has. It has an "ignition module" in the distributer. I have no idea how the CAS compares to the module; how similar their functions and wiring are - but thought I would mention this.