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Author Topic: Just a thought or two about moderation  (Read 2506 times)

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Just a thought or two about moderation
« on: 12:08:16 PM / 13-Jun-14 »
Ben and I have picked moderators who we feel have the right understanding of what is acceptable and what isn't. Also, our moderators usually contact us about things to make sure we're all on the same page.

IF.... if you don't like something a moderator does, there are ways to contact Ben or I and dispute it. We are both always open to this process. HOWEVER... if you instead decide to blow up and create a massive drama out of it, insult our moderators, and generally just have your own nuclear meltdown, then there isn't much we can or will do for you. Period.

We stand behind our moderators in general, but we know they aren't perfect and could make a mistake or have a personal issue with someone. But if you don't handle yourself right and include us, we can't help you. And you just burn yourself. Because as a default, WE WILL BACK OUR MODERATORS. You want to get around that default, stay civil, talk to us, and we can see about it.

I'd say though that this is pretty much common sense.

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Re: Just a thought or two about moderation
« Reply #1 on: 02:55:18 PM / 13-Jun-14 »
All I.ask is that you dont ruin threads that pertain to sales tech questions build threads or something someone needs help with personally. If you decide to troll a thread stated above you post will get deleted plain and simple. It common sense as Arro stated. If someone troll all over one of your threads im sure you wouldnt be happy about it. If you spam up the shoutbox that doesnt bother me go nuts. But in a thread it will get deleted you will be warned if you decide to keep going you will be put on a temp post suspension and if you decide to take it further I will ban you it takes alot to get banned but why push it? Arro and Ben will be notified before banning unless you go way to.far then I will ban and discuss it with them if I am in the wrong then it will be fixed and I will apologize.....